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For Immediate Release


January 25, 2007


York Region: Canada’s premier improv company is as active as ever! Even though the world of live theatre seems to move at a snails pace these days, the professional touring comedy improv troupe that calls York Region home, are busy improving and offering their customers more.


“We have to stay current with our clients needs” tells the man behind CiS, Matthew R. Lawrence. “I have been doing research for months looking for ways to improve what we offer and we have made some significant changes.”


First off, the group has announced that they are holding auditions on Tuesday January 30th, 2007, in Thornhill. Talented males & females that are interested in joining the group should email their headshot & resume Mr. Lawrence at


The next exciting new addition to the Canadian Improv Showcase is their new programme: Personal Improv Coaching. This is a workshop that is offered to individuals or small groups and allows clients to improve their presentation skills in a customized, safe and professional environment. Visit for more information.


Finally, the Canadian Improv Showcase has announced that they will be implementing a new pricing strategy for all of their educational workshops starting February 1st. Schools across Ontario will be receiving the information by fax or by mail starting February 1st, or they can contact the group directly at: 905-967-0141. It’s an exciting time, let’s sit back and watch what happens.


Thank you.


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