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Hamilton: For the first time in over 8 long years, Canadas premiere touring improv company, THE CANADIAN IMPROV SHOWCASE will return to Hamiltons Staircase Theatre.


It feels fantastic to return to steel town commented producer and host Matthew R. Lawrence. We cant wait to interact with the jubilant crowd in Hamilton. Its a special place and well bring them a special show!


The Canadian Improv Showcase is expressly a touring company; they do not have a home theatre to present regular shows. Each booking or gig is based on the merit of their last performance. Word-of-mouth and internet buzz are key to their success. They have been touring for over 13 years and project to reach the milestone of 600 shows this calendar year.


The troupe performs short-form, or game-style improvisation, something not widely done in the GTA anymore. But its this classic style that keeps the show moving, the cast in fine form and the audience in stitches. To top it off, CiS has a definitive Canadian style, often wearing customized hockey jerseys while on stage and always celebrating what makes Canada special.


So come on out and enjoy the hilarity on Thursday April 29th, 2010 at the Staircase Theatre, located at 27 Dundurn St. N., Hamilton. Tickets are $15.00 and can be purchased at the door. The show starts at 8:00 pm and doors open at 7:00.


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